Call for Chapters: Arrangements of Power: Tracing Langdon Winner's Legacy Within and Beyond the Philosophy of Technology

During the 2023 meeting for the Society of the Philosophy of Technology (SPT), Langdon Winner was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive work and contributions surrounding the philosophy of technology. To celebrate this achievement, Springer Press will publish an essay collection inspired by Langdon Winner's work.
As the title indicates, Winner challenged philosophers, social scientists, and political theorists to reconsider the neutrality of artifacts and the traditional notion of politics. His work examining the persuasive and influential nature of artifacts and social orders continues to help students, new and old, to reimagine these relationships as complex melodies of socio-political negotiations. By rendering these tensions visible, Winner formats politics as arrangements of power and provides an opening for others to remix the status quo.

For this volume, we want to represent the breadth of Winner’s influence, both in content and length of time. In this sense, we are particularly interested in featuring scholarship that hails not only from philosophy, STS, and political theory but also music studies, internet research, gender & sexuality studies, design studies, engineering, critical race studies, indigenous studies, and beyond, as it relates to technology and technological artifacts. Further, we encourage all career-stages of scholars to submit work, from graduate students to advanced researchers, to show how Winner’s work is interpreted and enacted.

As resistance is a central thread throughout all of Winner’s work, we encourage submissions that challenge hegemony and reimagine the way things are into the way things might be. 

If you are interested in contributing to this book, please send: 

to Dr. Alice Fox ( and Dr. Darryl Cressman ( by January 1, 2024. 

We will aim to have decisions on submissions by March 1 and ask for complete chapters (6000-8000 words) by August 1st. We hope to publish in Spring/Summer of 2025.

Published: 12/14/2023