Indigenous Science, Technology, and Environment research positions at University of Toronto

The Technoscience Research Unit (TRU) is excited to share two exciting (and well funded!) research positions to join us working in the area of Indigenous Science, Technology and Environment or in the area of sustainability. We are an Indigenous-led justice-oriented research unit that focuses on questions of environmental justice, data justice, and science. These two positions will join the TRU in helping to grow Indigenous and anti-colonial science, technology and environmental studies.  

The TRU is undertaking critical Indigenous research into chemistry, sustainability, and AI, funded by a collaboration with a large interdisciplinary project called the Acceleration Consortium, which is a new global community of academia, industry, and government that brings together artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, materials sciences, and high-throughput chemistry to create self-driving laboratories (SDLs) with a commitment to sustainability. The social science component of the AC grant supports research from STS and Indigenous Science, Technology, and Environment Studies (Indigenous STE).

Please note that there are only two jobs, but there are two postings for each job (STS and Sustainability and Indigenous Science, Technology and Environment), one at each level of experience (Staff Research Scholar or Staff Scholar). 

If you have any questions about the job postings, do not hesitate to send us an email to

The Staff Scholar for STS and Sustainability or Staff Research Scholar for STS and Sustainability will contribute to our research on the question of sustainable and ethical substances and how that can transform the practices of using AIs and non-animal forms of testing in Self-Driving Labs. This position can contribute to this work through expertise in STS and/or environmental justice approaches to chemicals and toxics, social and justice-based environmental life cycle research, innovative justice approaches to sustainability, or approaches from Indigenous studies.

The Staff Scholar for Indigenous Science, Technology, and Environment or Staff Research Scholar for Indigenous Science, Technology, and Environment will contribute to our understanding of how Indigenous knowledges and research practices can inform any of the following: conceptions of sustainability as it relates to chemicals and pollution; or the development and use of AIs; or Indigenous approaches to robotics; or Indigenous approaches to platforms.This position foregrounds Indigenous approaches that center Indigenous relationality and sovereignty; Indigenous understandings of land, water, matter, or sustainability; or Indigenous research methods. This position will work closely with faculty and staff at the Indigenous-led Technoscience Research Unit (TRU) to ensure the ethical integration of Indigenous knowledges and values into research design for materials discovery and applications as it relates to the AC and to contribute to the development of Indigenous Science, Technology and Environment (Indigenous STE) and Indigenous Science and Technology Studies (Indigenous STS) in the AC, the TRU, and the University, broadly.

Published: 01/20/2024