CFP: European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW)

The European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW) is an international venue on practice-centred computing and the design of cooperation technologies. This year, the 22nd edition of ECSCW will take place in Rimini, Italy, from 17 to 21 June 2024.

We kindly remind you that the deadline for contributions is on February 23rd.

Conference website:


The conference features:
* Journal Papers that will be published on the Journal of CSCW (, for details:
* Exploratory Papers, for details:
* Notes, for details:
* Posters & Demos, for details:
* Doctoral contributions for the Doctoral Colloquium, for details:

We have open calls for proposing and organizing:
* Masterclasses, for details:
* Workshops, for details:
* Panels, for details:


* January 15, 2024: System open for submissions
* February 23, 2024: Deadline for most types of contributions
* April 1, 2024: Journal Paper acceptance cut-off date for inclusion and presentation in ECSCW 2024 Program
* June 17-21, 2024: ECSCW 2024 Conference


Relevant themes include, but are not limited to:
* Empirical investigations of collaborative practices. Findings, guidelines, and/or studies related to communication, collaboration, and social technologies, practices, or use.
* System design focusing on solutions to support cooperative work in increasingly complex, networked, and data-driven settings.
* Hardware, architectures, infrastructures, interaction design, technical foundations, algorithms, and/or toolkits that enable the building of new social and collaborative systems and experiences.
* Methodologies and tools for investigating human practices, e.g., the nature of ethnography and the role of other innovative research approaches in building systems or studying their use, the application of critical design or design fictions to investigate future possibilities.
* Critical analysis or theory with clear relevance to study, design, or use of collaborative settings and systems.
* Domain-specific social and collaborative applications, including applications to digital civics, grassroots movements, healthcare, transportation, ICT4D, sustainability, education, workplace, accessibility, global collaboration, or other domains.
* Analysis of the ethics and policy implications of socio-technical systems, the values that inform them, and the algorithms that shape them.
* The changing nature of collaboration and teaming in relation to intelligent machine agents, e.g., human-AI relationships in collaborative practices.
* Studies, prototypes, or other investigations that explore interactions across disciplines, distances, languages, generations, and cultures, to help understand how to design in relation to? social, temporal, and/or spatial boundaries.
* Discussions and extrapolations of work-practices and technologies, which contribute to the core topics of ECSCW.


Published: 02/19/2024