Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network: Managing and Synthesizing Diverse Open Science Projects

Angela Crandall Okune, University of California, Irvine; Becky Hillyer, OCSDNet; Denisse Albornoz, OCSDNet; Alejandro Posada, OCSDNet; Leslie Chan, University of Toronto - Scarborough and OCSDNet
Sydney 2018: Methods and Practices

This Making and Doing submission reflects on the action research process of managing a diverse network consisting 12 heterogeneous projects, widely distributed both geographically across a variety of social, economic and political contexts and intellectually across domains as distinct as botany, climate change, education, law, intellectual property, and the hacker/maker movement. The Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet), funded by IDRC and DFID from 2014-2017, has the key objective of gathering evidence to better understand how and whether an open and collaborative approach to scientific knowledge production can contribute to development outcomes across a variety of social, economic and political contexts (Chan et al. 2015). In this exhibit, the coordination team of OCSDNet will share their process of building a shared vocabulary and set of principles across these diverse projects through a collaborative Manifesto document. We will also discuss the benefits and challenges of collaborative coding for the meta-synthesis of the 12 projects, with the goal of constructing a grounded theory of open science. Special emphasis will be made on the technical challenges faced through the five-person collaborative coding process and recommendations for areas of future work.