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Call for Proposals for Special Issues: STHV

Published On: Mar 7, 2024

Deadline: Jun 21, 2024

The editorial group of Science, Technology, & Human Values announces the journal’s 2024 Call for Proposals for Special Issues. Interested scholars should submit a proposal by 21 June 2024. In August 2024, the editors of ST&HV will choose one Special Issue proposal to proceed. The editors may also select and invite other proposals to proceed as shorter Thematic Collections if suitable. Diversity of contributions from scholars internationally, and at different career stages, is encou...

Seeking Nominations for ASA Anti-Racism Awards

Published On: Mar 2, 2024

Deadline: Mar 15, 2024

The 4S community is invited to submit nominations for two prizes from the American Sociological Association (ASA) recognizing antiracism scholarship and practice it the intersection of science, knowledge, technology, and society.

Support for the integrity of Argentina’s science system (ISC)

Published On: Mar 1, 2024

In an letter to the network of authorities of research institutions in Argentina (RAICyT), the ISC expresses its concern regarding the future of Argentina’s science system. The ISC offers its assistance in working with local and regional communities to develop a robust science sector which contributes to Argentina’s social, environmental and economic success.

4S Publications

Science, Technology, and Human Values

For more than forty years, Science, Technology, & Human Values has provided the forum for cutting-edge research and debate in the field of science and technology studies.

Tolerable Tests: Regulating Diagnostic Innovation in a Global Health Emergency, Lessons from Ebola

Alice Street

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
The response to the 2014-2016 West African epidemic was a watershed for emergency research and innovation, forcing a shift in regulatory norms as evidentiary standards...

Between Open Deliberation and the Capturing of Public Opinion: Producing Opinions in Public Engagement

Svenja Breuer

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
The past decades have seen increasing calls to actively involve publics in the governance of science and technology. Many public engagement initiatives aim to facilitate...

Legal Repair: Domesticating European Legislation on Pig Welfare

Sebastian Billows

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
Our daily activities rely on a proliferating number of things that are subject to decay. As stressed in a growing body of literature, repair is critical to the smooth functioning...

Beyond Neural Connections: Using Strathern to Explore Knowledge-making at the Intersections of the Social and Neurosciences

Samantha Croy

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
This article considers how Marilyn Strathern’s work on Western knowledge conventions can usefully contribute to debates at the intersection of the social and neurosciences:...

The Active Form of Security: Technology and the Material-aesthetic Script

Jonathan Luke Austin

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
How are socially and politically controversial security practices materially-technologically scripted into our lives in ever-deeper ways? This essay proposes that acts...

Engaging Science, Technology and Society

Engaging Science, Technology, & Society is an online, open access publication of The Society for Social Studies of Science.

Caring for Scholarship in Transition

Published On: Apr 15 2024

Ali Kenner, Clément Dréano , Noela Invernizzi , Duygu Kaşdoğan , Aalok Khandekar , Angela Okune , Grant Jun Otsuki , Sujatha Raman , Tim Schütz , Federico Vasen, Amanda Windle , Emily York

This editorial briefly reflects on the idea of transition—a theme that cuts across energy systems, migration, and education, to name a few—and is likely familiar to many readers. In this issue, we focus on transition within...

Collaborative Ethnography and Matters of Care in Counterspaces

Published On: Apr 22 2024

Coleen Carrigan, Joyce Yen, Cara Margherio, Christine Grant, Claire Horner-Devine, Eve Riskin, Julie Ivy, Burren Peil

This paper offers a reflexive analysis of an interdisciplinary and cross-race collaboration to advance equity in engineering called LATTICE (Launching Academics on the Tenure-Track: an Intentional Community in Engineering). We...

Algorithms in the Margins: Organized Community Resistance to Port Automation in the Los Angeles Harbor Area

Published On: Apr 22 2024

Taylor M Cruz, Jaewoo Park, Emily Moore, Austin Chen, Andrea Gordillo

Public deliberations on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) provoke strong interest in automation, or the perceived displacement of human labor due to general technological advances. Social science scholarship...

Maintenance and Its Knowledges: Functional Exploration, Biographical Supervision, and Behavioural Examination

Published On: Apr 22 2024

Jérôme Denis, Daniel Florentin, David Pontille

This introductory article to the thematic collection entitled “Maintenance and its Knowledges” makes a significant departure from breakdown-centred studies. It foregrounds the epistemic virtues of maintenance, a practice that...

4S Blog: Backchannels

Citizen Starling: political and ornithological imaginations of an invasive bird

Natalie Hofmeister
May 13, 2024
Natalie’s current book project is a critical history of the “invasive” European starling in the US. In this piece, she describes how one twentieth-century ornithologist characterizes the bird as communist, and how this narrative bolstered ornithology and later invasion biology.

Categories as Prisons: or How Not to Write the History of the Scientific Revolution, Part II

Amanda Domingues and Rogelio Scott-Insua
May 06, 2024
In the second of a two-part Backchannels post, Amanda Domingues and Rogelio Scott-Insua interview Professor Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin. They continue the conversation on narratives within the history of science that apply categories originally conceptualized in Europe and North America to understand events that transpired across the globe.

Follow the Photographs: Networks in and beyond the medical archive

Michaela Clark
Apr 28, 2024
Michaela Clark explores the UCT DoS Collection of clinical photographs, produced at South Africa’s first medical school. She submits that its photographic contents testify to connections between historical actors and institutions. Following the collection outside the settler-colonial medical archive offers insight into how clinical photography crossed scientific and lay terrains, and continues to bridge local and global space and time.

“Laughable Science”: The Irish Government’s Response to the Crumbling Homes of Donegal

Kaitlyn Rabach
Apr 22, 2024
In this reflection based on fieldwork in Donegal, Ireland, Kaitlyn Rabach shows how a defective concrete disaster is changing the ways homeowners and activists demand governmental policies be driven by expertise and evidence-backed science.

Backchannels content is contributed by our members to highlight news relevant to their work.

STS News

Items submitted by the community and emailed to members monthly.

BKC Summer 2024 Internship Program

Mar 09, 2024
The Berkman Klein Center’s Summer Internship Program gives interns the opportunity to become deeply embedded within the projects and work happening across the Center. Interns spend the summer months working side-by-side with Berkman Klein staff, fellows, and scholars to keep projects moving forward, learning along the way. Interns will make valuable contributions over the course of the summer, to a wide range of projects based on the Center’s needs and the intern’s skills.

Public seminar: Call for abstracts - The ends of data: Theories, methods, and interventions in critical data and AI studies

Mar 09, 2024
What are the ends of data—meaning, which purposes are they created to serve? And what are the ends of data— meaning, when and how are data permitted to expire, be deleted, or die? This symposium investigates the intersection of these two questions within data-intensive social practices and infrastructures, where historical data are consistently integrated into new routines, domains, and frameworks to address novel inquiries.

Three-year Research Specialist position with benefits--hybrid-remote based in North Carolina Now 2024 - 2027

Mar 09, 2024
The Multidisciplinary Extreme Weather Toolkit for Small-scale and BIPOC Farmers proposes to conduct research with North Carolina farmers to investigate attitudes toward weather extremes; farm, personal and community practices to contend with weather extremes; and methods and modes of education and information delivery. This research aims to inform North Carolina Cooperative Extension programs, program development, and educational approaches toward climate responsive agricultural practice adoptio...

Data Power Conference: Doctoral Collloquium CfA (due 8 April, 2024)

Mar 07, 2024
As part of Data Power Conference, we are organizing two doctoral colloquiums in Graz and Bangalore. We invite doctoral students to submit abstracts for the Doctoral Colloquiums at the upcoming Data Power Conference. These colloquiums provides a unique opportunity for emerging scholars to present their research, engage in discussions, and receive valuable feedback from experts in the field.