Meeting Support Grants (Closed)

For 2021 4S will administer funds to support the participation of  students and other low-income scholars in its annual meeting. Assuming the meeting takes place in person, the funds will be awarded in reimbursement of travel costs. Failing that, funds will be used to cover the costs of registration. Two sources of funding are used for this purpose. The first source is exclusively available to support graduate students. It includes the base funding provided by the National Science Foundation. The second source of funding comes from the additional revenue generated from sustaining members and is used to support meeting participation by both students and other low-income scholars.

Note that the limited funds available do not allow us to award grants to all applicants. The funding decision will be based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance: If a graduate student, are you enrolled in a graduate program? Is 4S the right place for this paper?
  • Availability of alternative funds: Does your home institution provide funds to cover registration? If so, please use those funds if awarded to you.
  • Diversity: 4S is committed to inclusion and participation of under-represented groups and seeks each year to provide funding to these students.
  • Conference participation beyond paper presentation: Are you organizing a panel or additional meeting, volunteering for additional work, etc.?
  • Prior travel grants received: Have you received 4S funding in the last two years?
  • Expected date of completion: Let us know when you expect to finish your degree, or what your current situation is
  • Completeness: Is the application complete? If not, you may not be eligible to receive funding. This is crucial so we’ll repeat it: incomplete applications may not be considered eligible for funding.


Applications closed July 7.

Update 28/7/21: The grants committee is evaluating applications and will send notifications in the coming weeks.

To qualify for an award, an applicant must be a student or other low-income scholar presenting a paper at the 4S Annual Meeting and a member of 4S. In cases of co-authorship, no more than one award will be granted for each paper presented.

For more information, please contact Prof. Ana Viseu. In the subject line, put 4S Travel Grant Application: [name].