STS Infrastructure Award 2024: Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS)

Image shows an abstract image of 4S's recent web design, noting it is a diamond open access journal

The Society for Social Studies of Science is delighted to honor the editorial team of Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS). This diamond open-access journal exemplifies a critical, ambitious, responsible, and inclusive approach to publishing research in our field in a way that uplifts our values and responds to timely priorities. The committee particularly notes the journal's multifaceted recent efforts to transnationalize and decolonize its publishing process, including attention to the editorial board composition, editorial work processes, review and submission processes, and the STS publishing ecosystem in which ESTS's editors have promoted valuable collaborations among multiple journals. This often-subtle infrastructural work is already supporting new visibilities and priorities for STS scholarship.  

Acceptance Statement

The editorial team of Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS), the diamond open access journal of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), is delighted to accept the STS Infrastructure Award 2024. We thank the prize committee for their work and the 4S community at large for their continuing support to the journal. We are honored to follow in the foot-steps of individuals, institutions, and sister journals who have infrastructured the field in profound ways.

Informed by STS scholarship, our editorial team has worked with a keen awareness that infrastructures of scholarly publication crucially underwrite how research can circulate, as well as the kinds of scholarly communities that we hope to build. We have purposefully sought to publish content at the interface of different global reference points for STS, developing ESTS’s infrastructure in ways that encourage greater participation in the journal community across boundaries of language, genealogy, and geography. This has entailed ongoing experimentation with genre and form, development of data repositories and pedagogical materials, collaboration with other journals, and participation in efforts to deepen the ecology of open access publication more broadly.

We hope that the award serves to further entrench this commitment to inclusion and openness in the field and as a reminder that the more-than-human infrastructures to realize these values are not given but need to be built, maintained, and cared for collectively.

2024 STS Infrastructure Award Committee: Zheng "Vincent" Li (Chair), Michael Barany, Hsin-Hsing "Dikoh" Chen, Luisa Fernanda Grijalva-Maza, and Anne Pollock