The student section is involved in ongoing efforts to mentor new faculty and students through the 4S Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Program is initiated each year at the Annual Meeting (the 4S Conference or joint 4S/EASST Conference).

The goal of the project is to facilitate mentoring of individuals who are new to the Annual Meeting and/or to the Society. A mentoring relationship assumes a minimum of one conversation at the annual meeting. We hope that mentoring relationships will also continue with at least two follow-up phone calls or emails during the following 12 months.

We will match less experienced scholars with more experienced scholars and make an effort to assign mentors outside of one’s university but within one’s country/region to make telephone contact affordable.

You will receive an email with your ‘match’ approximately two weeks before the Annual Meeting. You can then arrange a time to meet during the meeting. One suggestion would be to meet at the reception which is usually scheduled for the first night of the conference (please check the conference program to confirm the time of the reception event). The email stating your match will also have an attachment with a list of optional questions that you can use to structure the conversation with your mentor/mentee.

We hope that the mentoring project will allow new scholars to feel more at home in the 4S community.

Please direct any questions about the program to Matthew Harsh, 4S Mentorship Program Coordinator.